Artistic research at ZM4 – an overview

In this paper we are giving an overview of some of the research projects done or currently being done at the Center for microtonal music and multimedia (ZM4). The center was founded in 2012 as a platform for various projects at Hamburg University of Music and Drama. We are starting by diving into the different definitions of artistic research and its role in modern arts, sciences and society and are continuing to present projects pertaining to new musical notations, microtonality, new musical interfaces and new performative paradigms, such as networked music performances or virtual reality.


AR projects at MMM – past and present
Der Sprung
Toolmaking as an indicator of artistic research
Bohlen-Pierce research
Unified Musical Instruments Surfaces (UMIS)
Virtual Reality
Healing Soundscapes
Brain-computer musical interfacing (BCMI)
Experimental dance performance
In conclusion

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