Photo by: Agnes Voigt

Music, in my opinion  (and I do know of many artists who would disagree), above all other arts has the potential to convey the emotional content most directly. In many of my works I strive to utilize this particular quality of the medium itself.

I aim to create simple, direct and robust pieces, which already work with less practice and relay more on the musicality and imagination of a performer, rather then on his/her technical qualities, such as speed or precision.

Narrative and clarity are another important aspects of my music, and together these two drive the structure. When pitches are notated, they carry a special significance, but more often than not, time is more important factor in my pieces than the pitches themselves.

For me, music is simply the organization of sound in time.

I enjoy playing with timbre and putting the spotlight on the small and fragile tone qualities, but I am no stranger to explosive bursts of energy – in all spheres of my life and work I seek to inhabit the worlds-in-between, and to walk the line between the light and the darkness.

And strange though it may sound, my music was often described  by others as being “romantic” 🙂